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"The Caterham is now fully stickered up and ready for LM. Big thanks to Dan at Hollographics for a great service and he's a thoroughly nice chap."


"And another vote from me for Hollographics - just received my custom stickers, which look awesome. Looking forward to getting them on the car!"


"Another big up to Hollographics. Mine arrived yesterday and are superb. I now have a big box full of stickers and viper stripes. The temptation to put them on is massive!!!"


"FYI all. This is the man to use if you don't already. Massive help getting no less than 62 sticker packs organised for the White Rabbit Racing crew. "


"Huuuge thanks and large personal reccommendation to Dan and Alex at Hollographics...My stuff arrived yesterday and it's ace."

The Doc

"Just got our stickers from Dan at hollograhics. tel; 01962 882345 absolutely fantastic service, cannot praise them enough, will get some pics posted of the Ferrari 360 spider and the Renault Espace before we set off."

Glyn Waxmaster

"Huge thanks to Dan and Alex at Hollographics for sorting out all the stickers for the 21 RX-8s in our little group "

Big Withey

"I've got to say that both Hollographics and Neil at Race graphics have done a superb job for our group this year. Even on Monday when I realised I was two door decals short, they pushed the order thru, and received yesterday "

loud n proud

"Have just received the stickers - they look fantastic. Thanks very much for the prompt service and delivery, it's been a pleasure doing business with you."


"Stickers arrived and are excellent. Many thanks for a great service.  We had a hilarious day cleaning, clay barring and then applying and has already got the Le mans feeling off with a bang. Really appreciate the extras as well."


"Dan, you are a legend!!
we'll take the lot..."


"Received the order towards the end of last week, Your work is amazing! That is all I can say. Many many thanks for all your hard work. If you see the car at le-mans make yourself known and I will buy you a beer!"


"I have just been through the stickers you sent through last week and they look superb. Thank you for your co-operation and service - its been really good dealing with you."









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